Navigational Tips

Even if you are an Internet newbie, the information at your fingertips is truly user-friendly. Do not be intimidated by the vastness of the WWW.  Explore it one page at a time. In basic language, any of the words or images that are blue, underlined, or outlined are connected to another place. If you click your mouse on any one of them, you will be transferred to another page. It is like speed reading because you can quickly move to and from points of your own interest.

When browsing the pages of @griLinks, please keep in mind that the WWW can be overwhelming and frustrating at times. If you are patient with your individual system operations, personal computer limitations and follow our simple tips, you should be just fine.

Our first suggestion is to put a browser bookmark on our page so that you do not have to type in the address each time you begin browsing. Most browsers, including Netscape and Internet Explorer, the most common graphical browsers, have a Bookmark option in their top menu bar. If you ever get lost out in some link, you can always go back to the bookmarked page.

Our next suggestion is to use the Back and Forward arrows in your browser's menu bar as well. Sometimes that is the only way to reverse your steps to finding a location.

If your browser does not support frames, have no fear, just use this address in accessing @griLinks's information:

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